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  • L. H. Townend (1966)
    Plane detonation waves are analysed, on the assumption that the ratio of specific heats and the molecular weight are constants. Heat release is quoted in terms of a dimensionless parameter F, such that, for Chapman-Jouguet ...
  • L. H. Townend (1963)
    This paper is primarily concerned with the design principles of three-dimensional surfaces which can produce two-dimensional, centred compression waves and are derived from the Nonweiler wing. A study is made of the ...
  • L. H. Townend (1967)
    For free-stream Mach numbers between 10 and 4, a study is made of the profiles assumed and isentropic waves produced in non-viscous flows by two-dimensional sails, under pure tension and of finite weight. At the higher ...



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