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  • L. W. Bryant; H. C. Garner (1951)
    If ad hoc wind-tunnel work on controls is to be of value it is essential that the same precautions should be taken as are necessary for fundamental research. For the model there must be careful selection of material and ...
  • H. C. Garner; L. W. Bryant (1951)
    From a systematic series of calculations of swept-wing loading the writer has formed an opinion of the accuracy and most useful application of vortex lattice theory and the vortex sheet theories of Weissinger, Multhopp and ...
  • L. W. Bryant; A. S. Halliday; A. S. Batson (1950)
    The design of lifting surfaces for aeroplanes depends fundamentally on two-dimensional data for the aerofoil sections, with flaps where necessary for control. Data of this kind are required for the use of designers, and ...



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