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  • Chan, H. S. Y. (College of Aeronautics, )
    In the theory of two-dimensional Michell optimum structures, there arises the problem of calculating the lines of principal stresses and the virtual displacements which are analogous to slip lines and velocities in plane ...
  • Kumar, P. E. (College of Aeronautics, )
    The old Whirling Arm o-r the National Physical Laboratory has been re-erected at the College to provide a facility for the study of ground effect on wings, and other craft operating near the ground. The model is mounted on ...
  • Newell, A. F.; Howe, D. (College of Aeronautics, )
    Aircraft Design has been taught at the College of Aeronautics since 1946. The course is at postgraduate level and is of two years duration. In the first year the students are given three exercises in component design which ...
  • Lefebvre, A. H. (College of Aeronautics, )
    A correlating parameter for gas turbine combustion performance, based on a 'burning velocity' theory for primary zone combustion is derived using a more direct approach than that originally employed by Greenhough and Levebvre.1 ...



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